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40-Day Whole Life Makeover

It is hard to excel if you are asleep on the desk, stressed or mal-nourished due to poor food choices. If there was an easy way to be more fit, more efficient at daily tasks, have much more energy, deeper, stronger relationships and more joy and happiness in your life, would you be interested? Do you think it would make a difference in your life? Do you think it would make a difference in your children’s life if it happened to them? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these, you might want to take our 40 Day Makeover. Thousands of people participate in the makeover all across the country at the same time. For many of those people, the results are truly life changing! For those of you who think you have seen it all before, here is a brief over view of the program.

The makeover consists of 6 once per week meetings. Each session focuses on a different part of living. The first week looks at time management using a very different technology than the usual writing a list, prioritizing it and hoping for the best. It is easy to use and far more effective. Without proper time management, there is never enough time to shop for the right food, prepare it, work out or build relationships. It is the key to being successful at anything.

The second week centers on fast, efficient workouts. You will learn how to calculate your own, individual fat burning zone and how to stay in it for maximum results. You will learn the secret of building muscle while burning body fat.

The third week discusses one of the biggest problems in this country, insulin resistance. If you are a man with a waist bigger than 40 inches or a woman with a waist bigger than 34½ inches, you are probably insulin resistant and losing weight for you is almost impossible. If you actually do lose weight, it is very difficult to keep it off. New cutting edge technology to turn this around is fully explained and the weight peels off and stays off once this is accomplished! You will also understand why just counting calories is not sustainable and not efficient at burning fat. You CAN eat like an elephant and look like a gazelle!

The fourth week looks at what can be done to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. You will learn how to keep your body parts running at close to 100% for your entire life. Remember, you don’t catch high cholesterol, heart attacks, diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, depression or fatigue from anybody! It is your own body parts that break down and cause these things.

Week five takes a new perspective on stress management. Rather than manage stress, ways to prevent stress in the first place are discussed. It is amazingly simple when you understand some basic principles!

Week six wraps everything up with how to have more joy and peace in your life. It is so easy to be happy once a person sees the difference between what we think makes us happy vs. learning where true happiness actually comes from.

The makeover will be held every Tuesday for 6 weeks, starting Tuesday, April 26th. Meetings go from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and will be held at Cassista Chiropractic Office. Cost is $65 per person, $75 at the door. Bring 2 people, you go for half price. Includes 6 weekly meetings, a workbook, 40 day membership at the YMCA, 30 day membership at GFA Fitness and prizes as incentives. Call 978-957-5585 to sign up or to get more information. Your family will thank you.

Dr. Cassista

Cassista Chiropractic Office