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I am a second generation chiropractor.

My father had a practice in Dracut. I became a chiropractor because chiropractic saved my life – literally! When I was three years old, I got a collapsed lung from a fall off of the top bunk of a bunk bed. I was in the hospital and not responding well. My lung would not inflate even with the best interventions of the day. Because my father was studying to be a chiropractor at the time,  he enlisted the help of a chiropractor who came to the hospital and gave me an adjustment. That adjustment turned my life power back on! My lung began to inflate and began the process of healing. When I was about seven, my parents told me the story.  It impacted me so much that I have to say I became a chiropractor when I was seven. Since following the footsteps of my dad, I have never wanted to be anything else since then.

 The Results That People Experience that go Beyond Pain Relief!

While I find working on someone for neck or low back pain is important, even more amazing is the results that people experience that go far beyond pain relief. Frequently early on in care, people express changes not related to their main symptom. It is common to hear statements like “I am sleeping so much better now”, “Since I’ve started coming here, I have more energy”, “I feel happier, like my emotions are more balanced”, “I’ve noticed my weight is going down” and all kinds of other wonderful “side effects of care”. These chiropractic side effects occur because as your misalignments are corrected and your nervous system functions more optimally, your entire body wakes up. Your brain and body start to communicate more effectively through your nervous system and life gets better on many different levels! It is so exciting to see every day! It is also gratifying for me to, not only give patients pain relief but to also improve their health and well-being in all aspects of their lives.

 Chiropractic Care For All

Patients, children included, say they enjoy coming to our office. We have an open concept environment that people seem to enjoy and puts them at ease. We also have a small room easily seen from the main room for children to play. Children can be very intuitive. We love it when children tell their parents they think it’s time they get a chiropractic check up! We also find that when a patient has a better understanding of what creates and maintains true health and wellness, he/she is willing and excited to make chiropractic a key element in in their health and wellness mission for themselves and their families.

 An Advanced Approach to Healthcare

Chiropractors use many different techniques so the experience is different in every office. At our office, we do what is called chiropractic reconstructive or corrective care. This is an advanced approach that focuses on relieving bone and bodily stress, as opposed to just getting rid of pain. This approach improves posture, increases neck and low back range of motion, helps prevent disc degeneration, and improves organ (lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, etc.) and immune function. Of course we see our share of people in pain and work with them to bring about pain and symptomatic relief. Beyond that, however, a patient can choose to go beyond pain and symptom relief to a more highly functioning body helping to prevent  future symptoms and diseases. By keeping your body free from the disconnects that greatly decrease your ability to function, you remain youthful inside and out. There are so many studies that demonstrate this. We have been particularly successful with the care of ADD/ADHD. I have been published in a professional, peer-reviewed journal for our work in this area. There is hope beyond the dangerous drugs frequently used to correct these problems. We have documented results of improvement without the use of drugs.

Continuing Chiropractic Education and Training

Not many chiropractic offices in the entire country offer what we have right here in Dracut! In addition, I attend multiple seminars and conferences every year on chiropractic, nervous system discoveries, latest vaccination research, nutrition and other health topics to stay current.  I also listen on monthly CD’s to the latest research in the health field to keep up with the most current information about health and wellness. Please feel free to stop by our Lakeview Ave. Dracut Office or call us at 978-957-5585 to discuss any health, nutritional or any other issues you or your family might have. We look forward to meeting you and serving your health and wellness needs.