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A New You Every 14 Months

by Dr.Gerard Cassista

It’s now a fact. Well, at least it’s a fact for now. In science, some of the things which are considered “facts” seem to change all the time. They used to say that we had a completely new body every 7 years. Every cell would have been replaced by then. Later it was every 3 years. Now, I just read that it is every 14 months! Soon, we will be able to watch ourselves change in the mirror. Truth is, it really doesn’t matter how long it takes for the change, it only matters that we actually do change.

This brings up a very important question then. If we get an entire new body every 14 months to 3 years, why would we still have an ulcer? Why would we still be diabetic, or have cancer? If we made entirely new organs and tissues all the time, why aren’t we like new all over and over again?

The answer is because of patterns. Our body produces life patterns, thought patterns and cellular patterns. New cells are constantly being produced and put down according to these patterns. If the pattern remains unchanged, then the new tissue will be just like the old tissue-diseased. If people see patterns can be altered however, doesn’t it make sense that the new cells will be made according to the new pattern and therefore be different?

Changing patterns is exactly what we do as chiropractors. Our patterns are better with good nerves then with crushed nerves. Chiropractors remove interference with the healing life force that creates these patterns, and new tissue can be put down in new healthy patterns. This is why chiropractors have been able to see so many wonderful changes in so many people. 2 weeks ago, a woman described how she had suffered with asthma for so long, but after a short time of care, is able to live without inhalers and can breathe on her own! Chiropractors have seen so many conditions get well that it becomes easy to take these miracles for granted.

Healthy lifestyle concept. Diet and fitnessSo just how do we change our patterns? The good news is that there are many ways to affect and change these patterns. One of the most powerful ways is to change our thoughts. The chemistry of our tears when we cry is different than the chemistry of our tears when we laugh so hard we cry!! The only difference that created that is our thoughts at that time. When change our thoughts, we can change our patterns.

Other ways of changing patterns are meditation, biofeedback, acupuncture, eating healthy foods and (take a deep breath)…Exercise. New science is showing every day how these can change everything in our bodies, even our genetics!

Our bodies are so amazing they need no help, just no interference. If we stop worrying, smoking, drinking too much and eating junk food, our patterns can stay in powerful form. Add some movement like exercise and keeping your nervous system working and we have a fantastic, functional new body every whatever many years!

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