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Robert R – Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend this facility to everyone.

Manish M – Feeling Relief

Feeling much relieved from the pain and suffering after the treatment from Dr Cassista. The staff has been very helpful during my visits. Thanks Victoria and Sue!

Laxmi D – Relaxing Experience

Thank you. For taking the time to go out of your way to try and help heal this one totally out of wack spine! Your kindness and that of your staff makes coming to your office for help makes it a calm and relaxing experience. Sincerely thank you again.

James F – Tremendous Experience

This has been a tremendous experience so far! I’m feeling a difference after only a few adjustments and I’m learning so much about my body that my primary care doctor never told me about.

Tracy A – Impressed

Very impressed with the technology used and the way the doctor makes sure you understand what is going on and how it can be fixed to get to optimal health and to get the most out of life. Best doctor I have ever been to, it’s very refreshing to speak with a medical professional who whole heartily believes in holistic healthcare and doesn’t encourage you to just mask the problem with drugs.

Manish M – Feeling Relieved

Feeling much relieved from the pain and suffering after the treatment from Dr Cassista. The staff has been very helpful during my visits. Thanks Victoria and Sue!

ANDREA D. – I am Grateful!

I think your organization went over and above to accommodate me for my 1st appointment. I am grateful. Everyone has been helpful, professional and caring.

JAKE – Very Informative

Very informative staff and helped my son through his 1st visit.. Thanks

STEPHANIE – Dr. Explains Everything

I’ve been to a few other chiropractic offices but I always recommend yours. Staff is always helpful and smiling. Dr. Cassista explains everything SO well I always feel comfortable. Plus I already feel better. Thanks for all your help.

ANN – Very Happy Place

Victoria is an absolute gem – very patient, very helpful , and answers the phone in a very professional manner. She is a delight to see each time I come in. It is just a very happy place ! :)

JIM – Great & Impressive

Great and impressive operation-great staff/Doctors—I have been cured/don’t think I needed the helmet–should I have a problem down the road, will come back-thanks Jim Barrows

JUDI -Live Life to the Fullest

I really enjoyed the Monday meeting after my initial evaluation. I was not so much a “believer” before, but that talk by Dr. Cassista really hit home and I am more convinced than ever that if I stay on this path, I can be helped so that I can live my life to the fullest.

HOPE – No Rage of Motion

I came into the office with no range of motion. I was in severe pain and had been for ten days. I left the office in tears – tears of joy! I was able to turn my head from side to side. I was able to move my arms and look at the floor for the first time in over a week.

I have a long road ahead of me, but with every visit, I am one step closer to being 100%.

ALEX – Terrible Eczema

My son Alex is 7 months old and has had terrible eczema. His patches were so bad we thought he would scar. At times his hands looked almost raw. He had it since he was 2 months old. We have been under constant care from his pediatrician and an allergist. We have tried about 10 to 15 different creams, even one that contained steroids- which worked while we used them but it was not a daily option.
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After two visits (1 visit per week) Alex started to clear up. He has had short “good spells” all along so I didn’t get too excited but he continued to get better. It has now been over a month and you would never guess he has a problem with eczema. Our family and friends are constantly commenting on how great he looks. I get strange looks when I tell them it’s due to the chiropractic visits but I have no other explanation. My husband and I are thrilled and we will not give up on our weekly visit to Dr. Cassista.

LORRAINE – High Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was high and my primary care doctor was going to put me on blood pressure pills. I have had this for 8 months. I was told to cut back on salt and even by doing so my blood pressure was high after 6 months. I told Dr. Cassista what was going on with my blood pressure. Through his chiropractic care and tractioning 20 minutes a day faithfully, I’m happy to say my blood pressure is back to normal. Thank you Dr. Cassista!
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P.S. I am so relieved that I will not be taking medication that could have caused more problems than the high blood pressure itself.

SUSAN – Stomach Pains

My son was having stomach pains. He was always constipated. He had this for several years, but was just being treated for it for about one year before we started seeing Dr. Cassista. He went to his pediatrician who referred him to a specialist. The specialist took an x-ray and discovered my son’s intestines were ¾ full. He prescribed a medicine. He took the medicine every day for a year. Every three months he would have an x-ray of his intestines to see how full they were, and to see if the medicine was working. After nine months on the medicine and three x-rays, his intestines were still ¾ full.
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My son began to see Dr. Cassista around the 10th month, and after two months of chiropractic care my son’s x-ray showed he was only ¼ full, which is normal. The specialist took him off the medicine and he has been regular since.

LEE – Migraines

I’ve had migraines one to two times per month, each lasting two to five days. I have headaches daily and extreme fatigue. These are only the major complaints – there wasn’t enough room for them all. I’ve had migraines for 20+ years and headaches and fatigue since I was approximately six years old. I have never been without pain. I have tried many, many different prescription drugs, changed my diet, exercised, seen numerous doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturist, neurologist, etc. I’m ashamed to admit that chiropractic treatment was my last resort – if only I knew.
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It has changed my life. For the first time since I can remember, I don’t have a headache. I didn’t know what it was like to be free from pain. I also have much more energy (no more going straight to bed right from work), which is something that I’ve never felt. This has been a miracle for me – I have NEVER felt better. I only wish that I tried it sooner – it could’ve saved me years of misery. I will always be grateful to Dr. Cassista and his staff for helping me.

KATHY – Sciatic Pain

I had hurt my back during the summer and it brought my sciatic pain back. I also had dizzy spells and allergies and felt I had no energy. I had sciatic pain with my 3rd pregnancy 8 years ago. I also have had dizzy spells for 14 years and allergies since I was 10 years old. For my back (sciatic pain) my doctor just said no lifting – see you back in a week. It didn’t get any better! I’ve been off and on meds for dizziness and allergies for years.
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Originally I had come to get my back fixed, but I didn’t expect other health problems to clear up as well. I’ve been getting dizzy spells for 14 years now with no exact reason why. Some doctors say inner ear problems, others said hormones and I’ve had all kinds of tests in Boston with all negative results. I just finally figured that I’ll have it all my life and I have to get used to it. Well, Dr. Cassista’s adjustments along with traction at home have helped my back and a huge bonus – my dizzy spells are gone!! I still can’t believe it myself – but it’s true! Also my allergies have been so much better and this is my worst time of year!


When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Christine, I remember the terrible fears I had of losing another child to SIDS. I had just lost my 3½-month-old daughter to SIDS five months earlier. I remember the nightmares at night of finding my new baby dead, of waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat feeling like I could not move. I was scared to death of having this child I was carrying inside of me.
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As the months went on I was told that when my child was born he or she would have to be put on an apnea monitor at birth to make sure that she was breathing and that the baby’s heart was beating properly, because doctors do not know why so many babies are dying of SIDS. This was the best they could do for my new baby and me.

Well, a few months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who in so many ways was just like the daughter I had lost thirteen months earlier. I was scared to death. Even though I had learned CPR I was so scared to be left alone with hear, so afraid some how I would lose her too. I remember the sleepless nights and the night I was afraid to put her down to sleep alone. I remember the nights I would put her down to sleep and being awakened to the sound of her monitor going off reading out my baby had stopped breathing. I was too afraid to even touch her at one point. The monitor buttons that flashed every time she took a breath and every time her chest would beat were both black and the alarm was buzzing loudly. And even with the alarm as loud as it was, my baby just lay there with her eyes shut and not moving. I remember screaming out her name and grabbing at her. At that point she let out a breath and her monitor started to flash again. I sat up the rest of the night praying and watching my infant daughter sleep.

The next morning I brought her to her doctor’s office to try and find reason why this had happened. Her doctor could find nothing wrong. The best he could say was you do know how to perform CPR. I left his office feeling so down and hopeless. Two days later a friend had called my home to see how the baby was doing. While we were talking she started to tell me of a chiropractor who believed SIDS is caused by the bones in the neck. For the first time since I had my daughter I had hope again. The next day I called that chiropractor (Dr. Cassista) and he saw her immediately.

I remember the first time I took my daughter Christina to his office and how he took the time with us to explain what he was looking for and what he was going to do. I remember his checking her neck and finding that her little neck was definitely out of joint. I remember him holding her upside down and her head only being able to move to one side. Well this wonderful man put my baby down and adjusted her neck and when he picked up again her head moved perfectly to both sides. He proved to me that I would have lost my precious baby if he had not taken the time he did to help us.

As my daughter Christine grows I will always tell her about this wonderful man who because of the compassion he took on a mother and child, and gave them hope that no other man or woman of this earth could have given us. Because of this man I still have my daughter, who if this man had not taken the time to help, would be buried beside her sister today. I thank God for such a wonderful doctor. I hope some day my daughter will be able to thank him herself.

SANDRA – Right Shoulder, TMJ, Headaches, Sluggish & Tired

I had pain and stiffness in my right shoulder, TMJ (jaw joint dysfunction) with recurring headaches, feeling sluggish and tired. I developed the TMJ and headaches in1987. The pain in my right shoulder started in 2002. I had massages for stress reduction every 4 to 6 weeks since 1995. I received chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc for TMJ and related problems from 1987 – 1990’s.
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Dr. Cassista’s chiropractic approach is unlike any other I’ve experienced (I had been under chiropractic care for several years earlier. His approach seems more “far reaching” in that not only am I being adjusted for one problem, but I am finding solutions to others. I literally feel as thought ‘I have my body back’ (as if I had been asleep for a long time and am awake/awakening!) My shoulder may be still feeling tenderness… but, with that, I’m reminded to apply traction – and be faithful in doing so. But…. The other results have been remarkable – I no longer experience my TMJ discomfort. I used to be so frustrated with this problem that would invariably act up every Saturday into Sunday. And, so, I called it the ‘Saturday Night Special’, which I just dreaded. I haven’t taken an aspirin or Tylenol in months. Another achievement! I also feel less anxious and, overall, have a feeling of ‘well being’. I attribute this to chiropractic care, which seems to be leading me to a healthier lifestyle. I had a hysterectomy in 2001 and, since the surgery, my stomach area seemed to feel numb where the scar is. I now have a normal feeling there. Also, at the start of chiropractic adjustments, my elimination process seemed to go through a change, as is long-dormant muscles had come alive! So, as my testimony tells, I have nothing but positive stuff to say about Dr. Cassista.

PS. I love his daily ‘newsletters”…feed the spirit, mind and body!

CODY – Not Focused

Cody’s 2nd grade teacher was having problems with Cody listening and completing his work. At home Cody could not focus on finishing his homework. Cody would get frustrated because he knew the work, it just didn’t get done and he was getting sad at all the “talks” he would get. We noticed it when Cody first started going to school. Pediatricians and teachers recommended using drugs to “cure” his ADD. We did not want his cheery, happy, joking personality dulled.
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After just a few weeks of chiropractic treatment we noticed a big difference. The teacher started sending home notes saying how well Cody was listening and doing tasks on time on his own without being told. Cody was now helping out in class and getting all his work done. Cody’s attitude towards homework completely changed. He wants to do it as soon as he gets home. Cody actually enjoys doing it now, saying “this is fun!” Cody’s report card went up a full grade for the previous semester, and up another this past semester. Cody is so much happier now that the teachers and us do not have to have the “talks” with him anymore. Life is good again!

CARIANNE – Torticollis

My daughter Carianne was born with torticollis, which caused her head to tilt to one side, gave her spasms and she could not turn her head to the left. She had this condition from birth until she was 4 months. Since coming to Dr. Cassista, Carianne has shown a fantastic improvement in holding he head up, turning it, and her attitude has changed completely. For the first 2 months of her life all she did was cry. I thought it was colic, but it was her neck. After the first visit with Dr. Cassista, she became a much happier baby and everyone has noticed a difference in the way she holds herself and her disposition. When Dr. Cassista works on her, she gives him big smiles and never complains! Dr. Cassista is a fantastic doctor and I will recommend him to anyone. Thanks to you and your excellent staff.

HEIDI – Constant Bladder Infections

I have suffered from constant bladder infections all of my life. I received varying degrees of medication during my childhood years through adulthood. I was in a regular state of being uncomfortable.
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I have experienced back pain from stiffness in my lower back each morning to a clicking, rotating feeling in the middle of my back. I first noticed these symptoms following a car accident in December 1992. A direct result of the accident is Sciatica nerve damage and excruciating pain in my inner right leg.

I have experienced some TMJ discomfort which has improved since I began my treatments with Dr. Cassista.

I received acupuncture treatments from September 1998 to January 1999. The acupuncture treatments helped, but did not cure the problems. I continuously treat under my Naturopathic Physician.

I felt the worst ever during 1998. I have felt continuously better since beginning my treatments with Dr. Cassista. I firmly believe that the best way to good health is to be in alignment, eat properly, take supplements, and exercise. The chiropractic treatments offered by Dr. Cassista make perfect sense, and I most definitely feel 100% better. And, this winter was the first time I can recall of not having gotten a cold or the flu. I consider myself on the road to good health thanks to Dr. Cassista.

CAROLYN – Pain in Neck, Jaw & Side of Face

Three years ago I had surgery on my tongue due to cancer and then had six weeks of radiation. Last year I had surgery again for the same problem. Shortly after that I started to get pain in my neck, then my jaw, then the side of my face. It became worse as the weeks went on. I had these symptoms for approximately ten months.
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I went to physical therapy for eight weeks. I had a multitude of tests on my neck, jaw, and shoulder. I went to a dentist and had two root canals plus an extraction, and during all this time I was on a very strong pain medication (up to 8 per day). I also saw a neurological surgeon who felt I needed surgery.

Since nothing else had helped and since I had been helped by a chiropractor a few years earlier for a different problem, I decided to try chiropractic again, especially since I did not want to have more surgery. It took a while but eventually with a lot of patience and caring from Dr. Cassista, I am finally off of all the pain medication and have absolutely no pain in my face or jaw.

JEANNINE – Tendonitis of Shoulders, Back Pain, Neck Stiffness & Tension

My original complaints were tendonitis in both shoulders, back pain, neck stiffness, and tension. I had it periodically for a few years with maintenance visits.
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I had seen an orthopedic doctor who had me on bed rest for five weeks along with physical therapy ultrasound for my shoulder, which had no lasting effect.

I used to be very wary of chiropractors until I met Dr. Cassista. He has made a big difference by correcting my alignment, which when off caused the above problems. No one had ever considered that my neck was out of alignment with an opposite curve. Adjustments with the aide of a video x-ray made the difference for sure. Dr. Cassista has also been helpful after a few car accidents. He’s the best!

AIMEE – Difficulties since Birth

My nine-year-old daughter, Aimee, has always been an extremely active child who finds it difficult to be calm. She also has food allergies, is very thin, and has severe learning disabilities. She has had these difficulties since birth.
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We have restricted Aimee’s diet to deal with her good allergies. In school she is in Chapter 766 for her learning disabilities.

Within two weeks of Aimee’s initial chiropractic treatment with Dr. Cassista she was showing signs of change. The first developments we noticed concerned her energy. She really calmed down and began to be able to focus for longer periods on her schoolwork. Her teachers immediately noticed a change. Her grades shot up and her enjoyment of school increased. Aimee’s sleep became more peaceful, her appetite increased and she gained five pounds in three months!

ANONYMOUS – Shoulder Pain & Headaches

My original complaints were shoulder pain and headaches. When I was pregnant with my first child, I began to have lower back pain and sciatic pain during my last month of pregnancy. I had no other treatment.
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My back pain and sciatic pain immediately went away, and I was able to sleep. When I was pregnant with my second child, I came for weekly adjustments and because of this I was able to give birth in less than three hours, without medication and without back labor! My first child was born after twenty and a half hours of back labor, for which I had to be medicated. I really attribute my better labor to the chiropractic care I received.

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