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New Patients at Cassista Chiropractic Office

At Cassista Chiropractic Office , we are all about healing and optimal health in every aspect of life for you and your family. We are thrilled to get to know you and support you in achieving the healthy life and lifestyle you deserve!

When you enter our office, you will be welcomed with a warm greeting. For your convenience, we encourage you to complete the New Patient Forms in the comfort of your own home prior to visiting our practice as this will save you approximately 15-20 minutes in our office. If you have any questions, you may call our office to support you prior to your first scheduled appointment.

We have been offering health and wellness services for many years in our beautiful community. After working with 1,000’s of people, we are confident that your experience in our office will be pleasant and like no other. We’ll have a conversation on strategies we both can take that will contribute to the quality of your life.

We Want You To Live Your Best Life

We are committed to helping you and your family live your best life. Your family is our priority! We care for adults of all ages, expectant mothers, babies, children, and teens. By helping you reduce the stressors in your life, we will help you make smart choices for lasting health and wellness for you and your family. We want your family to thrive. With family wellness at the forefront, our hands-on treatment, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations will set you and your family up for success in all areas of life.

Information Gathering and Consultation

Our first visit is gathering information about why you have sought our services. This first meeting will last about 30-45 minutes for both the consult and the examination. This sets the foundation for our team to plan your care for visit two and beyond.

When you arrive for your initial appointment, before meeting with your doctor, our office manager will give you a tour of the office. Then, you’ll have:

  • A consultation with the doctor, during which time you’ll will be able to tell the doctor about your reason for the visit.
  • Insight nervous system scan (which is 100% safe for pregnant women + children) This scan includes heart rate variability, Surface EMG, Infra red scan and Digital Range of Motion.
  • Digital X-rays, if necessary, to provide an objective diagnosis for your condition, to assess where the challenges reside within your body and determine the quality of your spine.
  • If at this point we feel we can help you, we will start care.

Our initial consultation is the first step in understanding how we can help address your individual needs. It is designed to identify your symptoms and tailor an action plan to restore optimal health. Our well-educated team members have a variety of tools to support you in overcoming your health challenges. This is your opportunity to communicate your current well being and your desire for your life without the present limitations.

doctor and patient talkingReviewing Results & Custom Plan

In the second visit, we will spend approximately 30 minutes reviewing all the information gathered in the first visit in order to develop a personalized, custom program for you to follow. We always welcome additional members of your family to accompany you during the second visit so that they can become educated about the next steps and how they can support you. This is where we will have a conversation about the program that is best for you and the investment that it will take in order to begin the process.

Ongoing Care

After the first visit and the cause of your problem has been identified, each office visit does not usually take more than 10 – 15 minutes.
We consistently update and customize your wellness program. The foundation for our overall health is based on proper spinal alignment, nutritious foods, regular exercise, high quality supplementation, and a variety of stress relief techniques.

Get Started Today

We look forward to working with you so that you can live a life of health and vitality!


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