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INSiGHT Objective Scanning at Cassista Chiropractic Office

We use technology in our office so that your experience is not only state of the art, but also objective so that we provide a plan that meets your particular needs!

The Insight Subluxation Station (Stress Analysis)

Harnessing the power of proven technologies, the Insight Subluxation Station enables our practice to develop a comprehensive picture of a patient’s neurospinal health by consistently and reliably measuring key physiological parameters. We are then able to identify problems with confidence on the initial exam, and with re-exams, accurately measure outcomes to evaluate progress and guide further care. The result has been nothing short of a revolution.

This technology is now being taught and used at many leading chiropractic colleges around the world. Insight technology is also being used in the locker rooms of many famous sports teams including the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, and Baltimore Ravens.

  • Muscle Activity Sensors: At Cassista Chiropractic Office , our INSiGHT scanner incorporates state-of-the-art muscle activity sensors to provide comprehensive insights into spinal health. These Surface Electromyography (sEMG) sensors meticulously analyze muscle activity along the spine, helping our chiropractor pinpoint areas of tension or imbalance. By leveraging this advanced technology, we tailor precise treatment plans to address spinal misalignments and nerve interference effectively.
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Module: Experience the cutting-edge technology with our advanced infrared thermal imaging module. This module detects temperature variations along the spine, aiding in the identification of inflammation, nerve irritation, or circulation issues. We utilize this invaluable data to develop personalized treatment strategies aimed at restoring spinal health and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Dynamic Postural Analysis Platform: Our dynamic postural analysis platform sets us apart as the premier chiropractor serving the Dracut, Lowell, Methuen, and Chelmsford MA areas. With advanced algorithms, we assess posture and balance dynamically, identifying underlying musculoskeletal issues contributing to spinal dysfunction. Through targeted interventions such as corrective exercises and adjustments, we strive to optimize posture, improve balance, and promote long-term spinal health for our patients. Trust us for comprehensive chiropractic care tailored to your unique needs.

Space Certified

Perhaps most impressively, the Insight has been used in NASA’s space program and been Space Certified by the Space Foundation — a non-profit organization that works in cooperation with NASA. It is the only technology of its kind to receive this certification.

The NSFi number, your total health score, provides a comprehensive picture of your NeuroSpinal health. This feature is exclusive to the Insight and represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in chiropractic assessment in the past 20 years. With the ability to consolidate all these tests into a single overall impression, we can make more accurate care recommendations and have better clarity regarding your outcomes.

To find out more about this technology, call Cassista Chiropractic Office at (978) 957-5585.


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