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Our Techniques at Cassista Chiropractic Office

“The power that made the body heals the body.” – BJ Palmer

We have studied and mastered a number of chiropractic techniques in order to meet your needs. As a result of our extensive education of chiropractic techniques, we are able to deliver what you are looking for and more. Please read the following in order to learn about the techniques which we use most often.

Toggle Recoil

statue of chiropractic adjustmentThis adjustment is given on your side on a table specially designed for this adjustment. A light thrust is delivered to the upper bones of your spine in your neck and the hands are quickly withdrawn. This allows the body to use the energy as it sees fit to “reset” the spinal joints.


Pettibon chiropractic technique is part of our reconstructive care. The technique uses a specific approach which allows the body to re-normalize and helps degenerative spinal arthritis to reverse. Pettibon is a proven spine and posture correction technique. The system is a “comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine’s hard and soft tissues. It improves health by emphasizing whole care that includes spine and posture correction and muscular development.”

Cox Flexion-Distraction

This is a gentle, non-force approach utilizing a special table. This technique is primarily used for herniated and degenerative discs and for low back pain in pregnancy. The movements of this table help traction the spine, opening up compressed spinal discs and reducing pressure on facet joints of the spine. This highly-effective technique offers a conservative resolution of low back and leg pain that often averts the need for surgery. We find it powerfully effective.

Pierce Technique

This technique is one of the first in chiropractic to specifically address correction of the spinal curves. It is one of the most effective available for optimizing spinal function. It is not a chiropractic technique like any others, but a systematic approach to correcting spinal misalignments using the most advanced tools for spinal analysis and adjusting….. As the system evolved, it lead to more discoveries which advanced spinal correction to a level which could produce consistent and predictable results paralleled by few!

Thompson Technique

This technique has evolved into one of the most utilized approaches because of its precision and results. It is unique because it requires the use of an adjusting table that moves with the adjustment. This allows the bones in your spine to be in motion making it much more comfortable and painless. This allows for decompression of the disc and a natural healing approach for those who are suffering from pain. This is a specific chiropractic technique that uses mechanical and hands-on adjustment.

person with back painSpinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-invasive option for patients who suffer from chronic or severe back pain, neck pain, herniated discs or spinal degeneration. The goal of this therapy is to alleviate pressure on the nerves and discs in the spine, allowing the body to naturally heal and relieve pain.

During a session, the patient lies down on a special table that is designed to gently stretch the spine. By using a combination of intermittent traction and relaxation, spinal decompression can create a “milking motion” in the spine which helps move a herniated or slipped disc back into its proper position. This, in turn, can increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area which can speed up the healing process. It also helps open the joint spaces relieving pressure on nerves caused by spinal degeneration.

We have seen great success with patients with chronic pain, and even those considering surgery or who have become reliant on pain medication. If you are experiencing chronic back problems, talk with us today about using our decompression table.

Spinal decompression therapy has provided an alternative for patients with:

  • Bulging discs, herniations and protrusions
  • Sciatica/nerve pain
  • Disc compression/degeneration
  • Stenosis
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Lumbar/cervical radiculopathies (nerve pain)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Arm/leg pain and numbness
  • Chronic neck or back pain that’s not responding to traditional treatment

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Like we mentioned above, if you have been exposed to a specific technique that you enjoy please make us aware so that we can deliver the type of results that you deserve!


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