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Holding a Grudge Goes Right to the Heart

by Dr.Gerard Cassista

Some interesting new findings show that holding a grudge can increase your vulnerability to heart attack, heart disease, hypertension and peptic ulcers. Researchers found holding a grudge not only had a bearing with cardiovascular disease and ulcers, but also with chronic neck and back problems, self reported arthritis, frequent headaches and other chronic pain conditions. They found that psychological factors play a role in developing these conditions.

This study goes to the concept that we are not just living machines with replaceable parts. There is a physical, emotional and biochemical component that must all be in balance for true health to be achieved. Because all of these components are processed through the nervous system, it must be functioning at 100% or some type of distress begins. It might be a disease which is allowed to build and grow out of control, or a breakdown of some other body part. If it is the pancreas for example, we become diabetic, if it is the ability to control new cell growth, we might get cancer. It has been said that not forgiving is a form of self abuse. Not forgiving says “I want to feel this pain over and over again”. Every time we go through the pain, we create more and more bad chemicals in our body which leads to all of the above. Do yourself a very big favor and forgive someone. You don’t have to tell them, just do it for yourself and really let it go. You will actually feel the difference in your body, right to your heart!

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