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How to Raise an Einstein, Mozart or Michael Jordan

by Dr.Gerard Cassista

When you look at the names in the title of this article, or any other names you want to put in, you might wonder how some people can achieve so much while others never seem to get off the starting line. Without a doubt, some people have special abilities or talents while others appear to have much less. Regardless of what you were born with, it is important to get 100% out of whatever you were given. It is very difficult for children and adults to reach their peak performance if they cannot think, function or process information properly. Sadly, there will be many less Einstein’s, Mozart’s and Michael Jordan’s because of things we do to ourselves! The number of children and adults who are overweight, diabetic, tired all the time, unable to focus, unable to follow rules or disregard authority is sky rocketing like no other time in recorded history. Things are so out of control that there is a very real fear from reputable authorities that within the next 40 to 50 years, America could lose its technological advantage to the rest of the world because there will be no one left to discover the next new technology.

So what is going on, why is this happening all across the country? The answer lies in a couple of very serious areas. One area is that Americans eat 6 to 7 times more carbohydrates than proteins. This causes a constant rise in insulin, which inflames artery walls causing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to significant weight gain around the abdomen and stomach, fatigue, cholesterol and ultimately diabetes. These all lead to decrease in activity levels which compounds the weight gain. They also lead to lethargy, sluggish minds and overall non-productivity. Insulin resistance is why diabetes has risen 39% in the last 10 years!! It is difficult to win a Nobel Prize when your mind and body are running at 20% of what is should be. Compounding this problem is the addition of all of the artificial flavors, colors, additives, pesticides and artificial sweeteners. These all add layers of complication to an already struggling body. The answer is a much more balance in carbohydrates to protein and removing anything artificial from the diet. Increasing physical workouts is another way to dramatically increase productivity.

The other major area affecting productivity is drugs. America has 4% of the world’s population, yet we consume 64% of all the drugs manufactured in the world!!! Every drug has side effects, and when you take lots of drugs, there are lots of side effects. Sadly the most popular drugs are psychotropic drugs like Ritalin, Prozac and many others that are very similar. These drugs have serious side effects that rob the body of productivity on many levels. Frequently, these are prescribed to control behavior that is often caused by hypersensitivities to foods and food additives rather than any real physical condition or ailment. Identifying the REAL cause of the problem and dealing with the particular food is much easier and much less damaging to bodies and productivity than taking extremely harmful drugs that dull many of our senses. Raising super kids is very difficult when someone puts them on drugs that turn their lights off!

If you would like specific information on reversing insulin resistance or info on how to test you or your kids to see if they really need the drugs they are on, you can contact our office at Raising super kids requires that the lights are on and rocket fuel, not junk food and soda fuel their mind and body.

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