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Disc Problems

While there’s no such thing as a slipped disc, bulging, protruding and herniated discs are very real.

Each spinal disc has a jelly-like center that is contained by bands of fibrous tissue. Healthy discs allow you to have flexibility to turn and bend with ease. Improper lifting, slips, falls, and car accidents can cause the core to shift and the following disc issues to arise:

Herniation – A herniated disc means part of the disc has occupied space where it does not belong. Depending on where the herniation occurs, it may or may not cause pain.

Protrusion – This is a bulging disc. If the bulge puts too much pressure on a nerve root or the spinal cord, it can result in severe pain.

Prolapse -This is a ruptured disc. The outer rim of the disc tears and some of the substance leaks out putting too much pressure on the nerve root or on the spinal cord which can result in severe pain.

Chiropractic First

Chiropractic is a remarkably effective and natural solution that can address a variety of disc problems. At our office, we use specific chiropractic techniques that gently separate the vertebrae in your spine creating a vacuum that literally “sucks the bulge back in”. We have successfully treated thousands of disc problems over the years. We also offer state of the art spinal decompression for severe disc problems and severe spinal degeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does chiropractic help address disc problems?

Chiropractic adjustments effectively help restore proper motion and position of malfunctioning spinal bones. If addressed before permanent damage takes place, disc tissue can return to a more normal size and shape.

Aren’t disc problems simply due to the normal aging process?

No. However, many disc problems are due to years of neglect. Many people who have spinal problems won’t experience symptoms until they’re in an advanced stage of degeneration. There are many elderly people who have maintained their spine throughout their lives who still enjoy optimal spinal health and function.

Could chiropractic help me avoid surgery?

Yes, but it depends.on the severity of your disc conditions. It’s a good idea to start with chiropractic first as it’s natural and non-invasive. We have treated thousands of people with disc problems of all kinds with great success.

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