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School Vacation Movie Night

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~*School Vacation Movie Night!*~

There is a good reason why we are doing this special event during school vacation. This is by far the most important event we do for your children. We will be doing a movie called “Eat to Save Your Life” and features Jamie Oliver. I will have as a guest host my daughter Emily. Emily is a high school science teacher. She teaches Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. She has been using this movie in her classes and has direct experience that it is truly life changing. She has students who said they went home and “cleaned out the cabinets” with their mom. Some said they started going grocery shopping with mom and reading labels! Some stopped soft drinks and most changed how they eat.

Emily had one girl come back to see her one year after taking her class and told her about how much weight she lost thanks to her class!! This is really life changing and if nothing else, gets people thinking about what they put into their bodies. It is hard enough to reach kids in that age group, but to be able to let them see something this life changing is worth pure gold. Emily will pause the movie in a couple of key areas and do a little explaining. She is a black belt at reaching kids on a level they understand and relate to. This event is open for anyone from 12 years old on up, whether they are a patient at this office or not. You can bring other family and friends. The movie has some graphic components in a couple of areas just so you know. Jamie shows real organs from a dissection so you can see the clogged arteries, you can see the fat infiltration in a liver and you can see what real fat looks like in a person! It is no worse than anything they have already seen in movies or video games and there is no chain saw or splashing blood. They will be fine with this.

Jamie Oliver is a chef who has been able to infiltrate into the minds of kids for many years. This is not an easy thing to do for a chef! He is very health oriented and does this movie with a medical doctor who is also a fitness expert and an anatomist who demonstrates what happens inside of us using a 350lb man who literally ate himself to death. Jamie talks about how to turn all this around and how to not go there in the first place. I cannot stress enough how important this night will be for you, your family and friends.

Please plan on being here for the 7pm start time. Call 978-957-5585 to register as seating will be limited. It will be held on Tuesday night, Feb 17 th here at our office.

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